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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bob May Memories Guest book

If you have any condolences or best wishes you would like to extend to the May Family during this difficult time you can sign the LIS Memories guest book and I will make sure they get them.

We have lost a Sci-Fi Legend.

A Bob May tribute
Bob May passed away this morning at his home. Bob was 69. Bob was a great freind of not only myself but my family. I have many found memories of Bob but the one that sticks out the most is the time he was in town for a Chiller Convention and came by my house for a Halloween party we were having. After the party ended Bob took my kids Trick or Treating all through the neighborhood and had a great time with them. I never forgot that and if any memory I have of Bob that one is my fondess. The last few years were tough for Bob but he always kept a positive attitude on everything. Bob was a one of a kind person with a big heart who always put his fans first as many of you can attest to at the various conventions he appeared at. When I started the LIS Memories website it was Bob who came up with the name LIS Memories. Bob was a tireless worker who gave the Robot life, and Bob's legecy will live on forever. Rest in Peace Bob, I will never forget you.

Ray DutczakJanuary 18, 2009.