Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kevin Burns, A Mumy Birthday, Saying Goodbye to a Dear friend.

I can't believe January 09 is in the history books already. Lets see, we have a new president, the US economy is not the greatest, and the weather has been freezing here in NY. Very depressing but that's what Winter is about. But there is light at the end of tunnel! Spring is a month and a half away!

Like the Winter blues this past month we all lost a great friend, and Sci-Fi Legend Bob May. This was/is devastating news, I still can't believe Bob is gone. Bob had a rough past two years health wise but always had a great attitude and was up beat. I am going to really miss him and still can't believe he is gone. If anyone has any Condolences or Well Wishes for the May Family please sign the LIS Memories guest book and I will make sure they get them.

Today February 1st is Bill Mumy's birthday!!!! Happy birthday Bill. Bill is a great friend and I will never forget all the kindness he has showed me and my family through the years. Make sure to watch a Will Robinson LIS episode today.

I had a chance to talk with the keeper of the LIS flame last week and good Friend and LIS Memories contributor Kevin Burns. Kevin is doing well and is very busy working on the Girls Next Door along with countless specials on the Travel Channel and also some LIS related stuff that we may be able to talk about shortly. Lets just say there may be hope so keep your fingers and toes crossed. I asked Kevin about Fox remastering LIS on DVD. No plans yet, but maybe LIS on Blu Ray in the future???? Some cool LIS products on the horizon. A very cool LIS Lunchbox slated for an April release but a company called Diamond Toy Chest. The L B looks beautiful. Also Kevin mentioned that Morbius is interested in putting out a J2 with the already released Chariot and Space Pod. No date set yet, but will post a release date if any when I get one.

Some random notes:

Mark Goddard will be appearing at the NYC Comic Con February 6 - 8. You can check out the LIS Memories website for a link.

Mark's book is now on sale through his website or in person where Mark is appearing. Order your autographed copy today.

Morbius is releasing a Flying Sub very shortly. Check their website for more details.

Keep checking the LIS Memories website for all the latest updates!